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Semi Truck Wrecks
Don’t let big trucking companies deny responsibility. Call Low Cost Lawyer instead.

Experience a Big Firm Win with Small Firm Service After Your
Semi-Truck Accident in Birmingham, AL

Weighing around 40 tons on average, semi trucks can be an intimidating presence on America’s highways and byways. But when that big presence results in a big crash, catastrophic injuries and sky-high medical bills follow. At Low Cost Lawyer, we’ve been successfully fighting back against well-funded trucking companies and their lawyers for over 30 years. But speed is of the essence, and without quick action, we may lose valuable evidence to strengthen your case.

There’s little chance of a fender bender with semi trucks. In fact, there are only three types of injuries in the aftermath of an 18-wheeler wreck: serious, catastrophic, and fatal. Survivors need thousands of dollars in medical bills and expensive physical rehabilitation to recover. That’s on top of the wages lost when you can’t work and the incalculable pain and suffering. 

But you don’t have to sit back and pony up for the damages to your life. Low Cost Lawyer is ready to start investigating for you today!

We Know Trucking Company Tactics

At Low Cost Lawyer, we simply can’t stand it when an innocent motorist is handicapped physically and financially by irresponsible truck drivers and company practices. When you choose Low Cost Lawyer, you’re getting a seasoned investigative team on your side, ready to hit the bricks and pursue evidence.

We start by reviewing the accident report, visiting the scene, and finding witnesses. Next, we secure truck data, including average speed, speed at impact, hard braking events, and even tire pressure. Dashcams and surveillance videos from nearby businesses can also strengthen your case. We know the trucks, their owners, their lawyers, and their tactics—all so we can get you the justice and compensation you deserve. But without quick action, valuable information may disappear for good. Don’t wait one day longer. Call Low Cost Lawyer today!

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Semi Truck Accident Lawyer FAQs

How much does a semi truck accident lawyer cost?

On average, semi truck accident lawyers charge a contingency fee of about 40%, meaning that in the event of a settlement for your trucking accident, your attorney will receive 40%, less medical expenses. When cases go to trial, additional legal fees may be required, further limiting your ultimate compensation. 

At Low Cost Lawyer, technological advancements and smart legal practices allow us to keep costs low. That’s why we only charge a flat 30% fee. When you come to us directly, you’re automatically putting 10% of your potential settlement back into your pocket.

Why do I need a semi truck accident attorney?

Semi trucks and trucking companies are governed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations—a 1,700-page book full of complex, federally mandated requirements and protections. Without a practiced catastrophic injury attorney on your side, trucking companies may hide behind federal regulations to avoid covering your medical bills, auto repairs, and money lost for missed work. 

Time is on the side of the trucking companies. But when you call Low Cost Lawyer, we start securing evidence straight away so that we can make the most compelling case for restitution on your behalf.

When should I call a truck accident attorney?
Regardless of the details of your case, you should call a truck accident law firm straight away. Time is of the essence. Witnesses move out of state or forget key details. Dashcam and security camera footage is overwritten or lost. Trucking companies use time to their advantage while valuable data about truck speed and braking vanishes. Put time back on your side by acting quickly and contacting Low Cost Lawyer today!

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