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Our 30% Contingency Fee Explained - How We Save You Money

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Throughout America, hard-working families are saving money. When we can, each of us tucks a little away for retirement, vacations, or emergency situations. But none of us expect a drawn-out hospital stay caused by a semi-truck wreck, serious car accident, or episode of nursing home neglect. These scenarios seem so remote that we simply hope to avoid them altogether.

Unfortunately, America’s highways remain dangerous while hospital bills and health insurance premiums stay high. Nursing home neglect is on the rise and distracted driving puts thousands of Americans into hospitals each month.

Americans need a break, especially when an injury runs up sky-high medical bills and keeps them from earning a living. At Low Cost Lawyer, we provide that break for our clients. Here’s how.

Our Industry Low 30% Contingency Fee - Get Help in Birmingham, AL

As Birmingham’s trusted personal injury law firm, Low Cost Lawyer is proud to represent citizens throughout the Magic City and the state of Alabama. We keep costs low in-office so that we can pass those savings on to our clients.

Here’s a refresher course on what a contingency fee is and how we keep ours so low. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, truck accident, work accident, or elsewhere, call us today at  855-595-8889 or contact us online

How Much Do Lawyers Cost?

For civil litigation and other elective legal matters, lawyers may charge clients in several different ways. Some attorneys charge a flat fee for representation while others prefer capped or sliding-scale fees. 

Personal injury attorneys generally charge a contingency fee. “Contingency” is the operative word here, meaning that if we don’t win damages from your case—either through settlement or trial proceedings—you don’t pay for representation. That said, you may still be responsible for administrative expenses.

In the event that damages are won, however, you’ll pay your personal injury attorney a percentage of those damages. The contingency fee is normally represented as that percentage.

Industry Standard Contingency Fees

Large, nationwide law firms and even some local firms typically charge 33%-40% for legal representation. 

In other words, if you win $200,000 from a large trucking company after an 18-wheeler accident, with a 40% contingency fee, you’d owe your personal injury lawyer $80,000, leaving you with $120,000 minus medical bills, administrative expenses, and other deductions.

After 30 years of practicing personal injury law, Low Cost Lawyer can’t stomach that kind of fee. When you’re in the middle of recovery, unable to work, and running low on emergency money to pay your bills, the last thing you need is a lawyer turning up for nearly half of your damages.

To lower our contingency fee, we started by eliminating unnecessary business expenses.

Legal Technology & The Virtues of Going Paperless

In previous years, legal work was done entirely by lawyers or their legal assistants. This model required large workforces and more working hours—two factors that drastically affected contingency fees.

At Low Cost Lawyer, we use the latest legal technology to keep our firm affordable and agile. We’ve maintained our essential human employees while leveraging technology to save on clerical costs elsewhere. 

With modern digital filing systems, cloud-based software, and online filing services, we’ve cut down our office expenses considerably. This allows us to pass savings on to our clients so that they can maximize their damages for a swifter and more comprehensive recovery.

Our Low Cost Personal Injury Practice Areas in Birmingham, AL

When negligence puts you or a loved one in the hospital with catastrophic injuries, you need justice and deserve compensation. Worse still, when a motorcycle accident or construction injury results in death, you need damages to cover not just funeral expenses, but the total earnings lost over your loved one’s lifetime.

At Low Cost Lawyer, we offer our 30% contingency fee no matter the details—all so you have more to recover with. We’re proud to fight for justice on your behalf in any of the following practice areas:

Recover Better & Faster with an Industry Low 30% Contingency Fee

After 30 years of practicing personal injury law, we know how to pursue justice for our clients while keeping costs low. Through a combination of legal technology, paperless methods, and experienced legal practice, Low Cost Lawyer makes it easier for clients to get the damages they deserve.

To speak to a lawyer today during a completely FREE consultation, give us a call at 855-595-8889 or contact us online. At Low Cost Lawyer, we’re big enough to get you justice while remaining agile enough to save you money—anything to help you recover faster after disaster strikes.

Call Today & Discuss Your Case During a FREE Consultation

Wondering if you have a case? Hoping to clarify some details with a personal injury lawyer? At Low Cost Lawyer, we offer FREE consultations so that you understand next steps better. If you’ve been injured by a semi-truck, run off the road on your motorcycle, or crashed into by a distracted driver, call 855-595-8889 or contact us online.

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