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The 5 Questions You Need to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

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After a semi-truck collision, construction injury, or slip and fall injury, you have a lot of important decisions to make. You’re juggling medical bills, missed payments from lost income, and all the usual responsibilities of life. 

Meanwhile, you’re shopping around for the right personal injury lawyer for your case—a crucial decision when seeking justice for yourself and your family. But what kinds of questions reveal the most about your choice of personal injury lawyer?

Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney - Ask These Top 5 Questions 

If you or someone you know has suffered a serious injury resulting from negligence—on the highways,on a job site, or on private/public premises—call Low Cost Lawyer today at 855-595-8889 or contact us online.

Question 1: What is your contingency fee?

When you hire a handyman or buy gas at a service station, you’re responsible for paying for goods and services rendered. Personal injury lawyers and other legal professionals accept payment in a different way: a contingency fee. 

Simply put, your personal injury lawyer’s compensation is contingent (dependent upon) the outcome of your case. At the moment, the average contingency fee is 40%. That means that, of your potential settlement money or damages awarded, you’ll pay your lawyer 40% of the remainder, less medical expenses and some other associated costs. For some, this 40% fee can be so steep that it leaves little for recovery after the fact.

At Low Cost Lawyer, we leverage modern technology to save money in-office. We pass these savings on to our clients by offering a 30% contingency fee rather than the standard 40%. Ultimately, this is a question that has to be asked and answered up front before making your decision.

Question 2: What will you do to strengthen my case?

As with any case, a successful outcome requires a strong and comprehensive strategy. Your personal injury lawyer should have the means, foresight, and diligence needed to go that extra mile when getting you justice. The details of your strategy depend on the details of your case. 

For Automotive, Tuck, & Motorcycle Wrecks

After a car wreck, 18-wheeler collision, or motorcycle accident, your personal injury lawyer should visit the scene. They should examine the physical evidence while gathering surveillance footage from nearby businesses or dash cam data from other drivers. 

When semi trucks are involved, onboard computers can provide a wealth of information, including data on hard braking events, speed at impact, and even tire pressure. One witness, document, or key piece of footage could be all you need to make a powerful statement. But if your personal injury lawyer isn’t fast enough, some of this valuable evidence may disappear. 

For Construction Injuries

Before malfunctioning machinery or inadequate safety precautions, job sites are already dangerous. But when negligence leads to injury, workers comp may not be enough to make you whole. 

To get you the justice you deserve, your personal injury attorney needs witnesses. But in the construction industry, contractors and subcontractors come and go frequently. The right personal injury lawyer should use OSHA records to determine who was on-site at the time of your accident. These witnesses need to be secured before they move on to the next job elsewhere, sometimes out of state or out of country. 

Question 3: Have you succeeded with cases like mine?

The legal profession is diverse and specialized. Additionally, each case is unique. A practicing real estate lawyer may not be the best choice to represent you during a personal injury case and vice versa. Experience with the law in one area seldom translates to success in others. 

Before choosing your personal injury lawyer, ask them if they have a track record of success with cases like yours. Some lawyers can do a little bit of everything while others commit to one kind of law for their whole careers. Regardless of their credentials, you want a lawyer with deep experience handling cases like yours.

Low Cost Lawyer is a dedicated personal injury law firm with three decades of experience in the field. Our services include numerous personal injury practice areas, including product liability, premises liability, and nursing home neglect, among others.

Question 4: Are you prepared to take my case to trial?

Despite what you see on TV, not every case goes to trial. In reality, few cases require or end in a courtroom. That said, it is sometimes necessary to state your case in a trial setting. But some personal injury lawyers have less trial experience than others.

Depending on your goals, the strength of your case, your desired compensation, and the extent of your injuries, a trial may be more or less advantageous to you. But whatever the outcome, you need a personal injury attorney with experience in the courtroom and the willingness to fight on your behalf. Trial experience is a must-have when shopping around for justice. 

Question 5: Can I speak to a former client of yours?

It may seem invasive, but it’s actually completely acceptable to ask for references when interviewing a personal injury attorney. Before you sign on the dotted line or hand over your case to a legal professional, ask to speak with past clients who had cases similar to yours. 

At Low Cost Lawyer, we keep in touch with many of our past clients. Some have even become longtime friends. If you’re interested in learning more about how we strategize your case, pursue evidence on your behalf, handle big trucking companies, or make our clients whole again after devastating injuries, just let us know.

Trust Over 30 Years of Personal Injury Experience at a Low, 30% Fee!

At Low Cost Lawyer in Birmingham, AL, we know you have hundreds of questions. Some answers can only be given on a case-by-case basis. But there are a few rudimentary facts you need to know about your legal representative before hiring them for your case.

If you’re ready to seek justice for yourself and your family, give us a call today at 855-595-8889 or contact us online. We’ll happily answer all of the questions listed above and any others you may have.

Get Justice Today by Contacting Low Cost Lawyer in Birmingham, AL

When you’re hurting, rehabilitating, recovering, and struggling financially, you need a personal injury law firm you can trust. At Low Cost Lawyer, we’ll answer your questions honestly, directly, and with a genuine interest toward making you whole. Let us help by giving us a call today at  855-595-8889 or contact us online. For clients in Birmingham, AL, and throughout the Southeast, we’re ready to listen, help, advise, and fight.

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