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Top 5 Most Common Injuries After Car Accidents

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In America, hopping in a car and taking to the highway is a way of life. In 2019 alone, the average American spent nearly 11 hours in their car each week. At a certain point, we become so comfortable in our vehicles that we forget about the dangers. But unfortunately, even at lower speeds, the dangers are real.

As we race to get to work, school, the grocery store, or the bank before it closes, we’re not thinking about speed at impact or the amount of G-forces we endure coming down a steep hill. We’re thinking about getting where we’re going and getting on with our day. But as recent crash tests demonstrated, even a small increase in speed can have catastrophic consequences for the human bodies inside our cars.  

When a car accident injury puts you in the hospital, keeps you from earning a living, or requires extensive physical rehabilitation, you may need legal representation to recover damages. Otherwise, you could be stuck footing the bill for a crash that wasn’t your fault.

A Matter of If, Not When - Recovering After a Car Accident in Birmingham, AL

Regardless of how safe you may be on the road, car accidents aren’t always prevented by good behavior. Distracted driving, intoxicated driving, and pure negligence cause thousands of automotive wrecks each year.

After more than 30 years of practicing personal injury law, the car accident attorneys at Low Cost Lawyer have seen it all. To get the justice you deserve and help you recover, we charge an industry-low 30% fee—10% less than the typical car accident law firm. 

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Top 5 Car Accident Injuries - A Low Cost Lawyer Guide

Head & Neck Injuries (Whiplash) 

There’s a common saying about falling from heights: “It’s not the fall that kills you. It’s the landing.” In many ways, the same is true of car wrecks. When traveling at even a moderate rate of speed, a sudden slowdown or stop can have tremendous consequences—especially for your head and neck.

Naturally, your body is traveling through space at the same speed as your vehicle. But while your chest and waist are buckled in, your head isn’t. Whiplash occurs when your vehicle’s energy forces your head to move back and forth. With so many nerves running from your brain down your spine and into your arms and legs, whiplash can cause chronic pain nearly anywhere in your body. 

Serious head injuries are also common. Concussions are par-for-the-course injuries at even lower rates of speed and occur frequently when airbags deploy. At higher speeds, resulting brain injuries can be life-altering, requiring surgery, rehabilitation, and long hospital stays.

Chest & Abdominal Injuries

When your vehicle stops unexpectedly or sheds speed rapidly, the existing force is transferred backward through the car and into the seatbelts restraining you. Seat belts alone can cause extensive bruising and other injuries but will ultimately save your life.

Drivers are at higher risk of chest and abdominal injuries than passengers due to the steering wheel itself. But if you feel a shortness of breath, a crackling in your chest, or notice that you’re coughing up blood after a car accident, you could need serious medical attention.

Bruised ribs, broken ribs, collapsed lungs, and even internal bleeding are common car accident injuries to watch out for. If left unattended, these injuries could cause serious complications in the following days and sometimes even death.

Injured Extremities & Broken Bones

In some cases, we may see a car crash coming in the seconds before it happens. Our natural reaction to any impact is to brace ourselves. But putting your hands on the dash or straightening your legs to the floor can put your extremities at increased risk of fractures. When you wear your seatbelt and sit upright, you reduce your chances of serious injury.

Pain in your hands, elbows, shoulders, knees, legs, and even hips may last a day or two after the collision. But if you continue to notice a limited range of motion, the inability of a leg to bear weight, or continued swelling, you may have a broken bone. In worst-scenario cases, amputation may be necessary. 

For your safety and your health, call emergency medical services (911) after a car accident.

Back Injuries

Few injuries are as complex, painful, or debilitating as back injuries. As with your neck, your back hosts vital nerves, complicated muscular systems, and (of course) your spine. A serious back injury can leave you bedridden for months or make even normal tasks excruciating, costing you both your enjoyment and your ability to earn a living. 

After a car accident, drivers and passengers may experience a range of painful symptoms. These could include everything from stiffness and numbness to sharp pain, muscle spasms, and even the inability to walk or stand for long periods. 

If you struggle to stand upright without pain after a car wreck, you might need long-term, rehabilitative help to recover fully. Otherwise, without medical treatment, you could be risking chronic pain that lasts a lifetime.

Catastrophic Injuries

In 2022, nearly 43,000 people lost their lives in traffic collisions across America. During that same period, only 57 Americans were bitten by sharks, and only 19 Americans were killed by lightning strikes. Despite our common fears, the most dangerous thing we do each day is drive.

It’s not uncommon for car crash injuries to last a lifetime or cut a life short. Severely broken bones may never heal enough for you to feel normal again. Broken backs and injured necks can cause long-lasting (and sometimes crippling) nerve pain. Internal bleeding, brain injuries, and organ damage can change the way you live forever. When catastrophic injuries or fatalities occur, you need a helping hand.

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After 30 years of practicing personal injury law, the experienced car accident lawyers at Low Cost Lawyer know what it takes to make a compelling case on your behalf. If you or a loved one have been injured in a traffic collision, don’t foot the bill on your own. Let a Low Cost Lawyer seek justice for you at an industry-low, 30% contingency fee today. To discuss your case with a car accident attorney, call 855-595-8889 or contact us online

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